There is an overwhelming tendency to judge a book by its cover, with the more beguiling most likely leading to a cursory thumbing of its pages, and Dites Oui, Say Yes, by author B.P. Manning, certainly alludes to a veritable smorgasbord of literary eloquence. A veiled promise upon which Manning suitably delivers, her words are penned with an undeniable resonance that transcends the page, majestically conjuring a palpable sense of time and place. A feat to which many authors might aspire, but few achieve with such faultless flair. Dites Oui, Say Yes, truly is a telling to be savoured, the relationship dynamics wonderfully observed, whilst Manning has an exquisite ear for dialogue that resonates in the present. Echoing the thoughts of her characters with timely clarity which proves entirely endearing throughout.

Without a doubt, Dites Oui, Say Yes is a beautiful novel that has the hallmark of a true classic and heralds author B.P. Manning as an author of exceptional note. It is recommended without reservation.

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